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Call For Papers - BugCON Security Conference 2021

--[ Description ]--

BugCON 2021 will take place in the whole world from September 20th - 25th.

Hey... have you said the whole world?

Yes... because of COVID-19, this year BugCON will be available to the
whole world on the Internet!

But wait!, there is more... this year, BugCON is not alone anymore...
Mercado Libre, one of the most innovative company in the world support 
as primary partner. 

What it meaans?... oh! yeah!

----[ Background ]----

BugCON Security Conference: Safety is just a myth...! is the biggest
security conference in Mexico since 2008, yes, you read 2008... more than ten
years of BugCON.

--[ Approach ]--

BugCON is merely a technical security conference. BugCON is focused in
getting together security researchers, security professionals, companies,
universities and government agencies with the purpose of showing their
latest research, networking with people involved in security fields and get
drunk ;) ... all taking place in an uncensored environment.

That's the reason why BugCON only accepts really hardcore technical talks
and workshops related with security fields,like: research, new techniques,
vulnerabilities, projects, etc. No business talks... neither "CSI of
computers" nor yellow scarves.

This year, BugCON will be on-line, but do not worry, it will work to bring
a very nice experience for speakers and attendees, no matter if we are a long
distance away.

--[ Call For Papers ]--

BugCON accepts spanish and english submissions. The format is 45 mins
presentation and 10 mins Q&A for talks (if you need more time because of
demo, mention it), and 6/8 hours for training.

The suggested (but not restrictive) topics are:

- 0 days
- Low level application security
- Application security (web/mobile)
- SCADA/ICS security
- Da' Cloud
- Malware
- Phreaking
- Payment issues, tokens, authorization weaknesses
- IoT
- Video games and geek stuff
- Biohacking
- Car hacking

To send your proposal, write an e-mail to cfp [at] bugcon.org with
the subject "CFP BugCON 2021:[Title]", it must contain the following

Speaker name and/or nickname
Tell us something about you
Talk or training title
Requirements (Internet, blackboard... a beer)

----[ Hacking Event MX ]----

What is that? month by month Mercado Libre and BugCON offer free webinars for
new bug bounty hunters. 

Open an account in a platform, and start to look for bugs... we'll be in touch!

----[ Speakers benefits ]----

Look at your window, a messenger is outside with a box for you!

----[Trainers benefits ]----

80% of the payment is all for you... our purpose is to share knowledge, not
make money. Come here, teach us, share, wake up new minds!

--[ Call For Sponsors ]--

If you're able to support BugCON please write an e-mail to sponsorship [at]

--[ Call For Media Partners ]--

The BugCON's main purpose is to motivate new people to research, development
and be conscious of the security risk in our world. We're
looking for media (newspapers, magazines, T.V., etc) to broadcast the

If you're interested, please write an e-mail to media [at] bugcon.org

--[ Important dates ]--

CFP release: June 14th, 2021
CFP deadline: July 30th, 2021
Talks selection: August 13th, 2021
Schedule release: August 27th, 2021

--[ Contact ]--

Papers submission: cfp [at] bugcon.org
Sponsorship: sponsorship [at] bugcon.org
Donations: support [at] bugcon.org
Website: bugcon.org
Twitter: @BugCON